belly binding is typically started between 1-7 days postpartum and is continued for 40 days.  I will come to you in the comfort of your home and teach you and your caregiver how to do the binding and apply the herbal paste and i will do the initial wrap.  I will leave you with all the information​ and materials you need and be available by phone, FaceTime or skype should you need further assistance.  


$20 fee if more than 30 miles from my home

Belly binding

ancient malaysian belly wrapping practice "bengkung" has been used by women for optimal health and recovery of the womb and body in postpartum.  essentially it is a beautiful technique of wrapping a long cloth around the abdomen to ensure strong support and recovery after childbirth. belly binding is used for;

~postpartum contraction relief

​~Pulls in the separated abdominal muscles.
~Decreases postpartum bleeding time by    aiding in the release of stagnant blood

~encourages release of water retention

~provides posture support during breastfeeding
~It’s an ancient traditional natural way of healing after birth.
~helps all the organs to migrate to their natural place

~brings closure to the mother and the circle of birth

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