​Two Moons doula services

about erin

​I'm a doula, midwife assistant, and student midwife who is dedicated to better birth outcomes and bringing about progress in women's health.  Before I became pregnant I had seen a documentary called "Outlaw Birth".  It showed women's struggles in the UK to get the prenatal and birthing care they desired, leading them to the decision to birth at home unassisted which is illegal in their country.  After doing my research to make decisions for my own birth, I learned how limited and inaccessible birth choices are here in the US as well. I was moved by how many women were lacking options or the awareness of those options, also the support they needed to feel safe while birthing.  Naturally I've been drawn to birth work ever since.  Nurturing and supporting birthing and new mothers is my passion.  Holding space for you to birth and bond with your baby is my goal.  Providing assistance with all the choices and challenges that come along with the new baby transition, while being a quiet strength for you to lean on.

I am your DOULA.

​With both of my pregnancies, I researched, planned and was very intentional about my birth.  I had a lei midwife with my first son and a Licensed midwife with my second son.  Both were born at home, one in the water.  Neither  was exactly how I pictured, although beautiful and perfect in their own right.  As with all births, our babies tell their story.  Each unique.  Each exceptional. Each birth reminding us of our wonder.


Certifying through childbirth international, a leading doula certification program known for their diverse community of doulas and trainers and their emphasis on non-judgemental doula support and cultural awareness. I am about 85% through the course.

Volunteer Doula at Joy in Birthing Foundation,  A charity that provides doula support for women that cannot afford their services.  Many of these mothers are foster care youth or women with a history of abuse.

bengkung belly binding workshop, hands-on training taught with cultural origin and importance.

Advanced doula workshop  taught by Guiditta Tornetta, owner and Executive Director of Joy in Birthing Foundation, best selling author of two books, and international doula of 15+ years.

Student midwife at national college of midwifery, training with maria king at the natural birth place in san bernardino, ca